Grant Anderson

  • Kompletter Name: Grant Anderson
  • Position: Mittelfeld
  • Alter: 30 Jahre
  • Nationalität:Scotland
  • Geburtsdatum:
Queen of the South


1. Queen of the South


Saison-Statistiken 2016/2017
Wettbewerbe mit Queen of the SouthSpieleMin
1. Division1910312101231
Wettbewerbe mit Raith Rovers FCSpieleMin
Scottish Cup4100110359
League Cup2000100175
Challenge Cup5000220467
2016/2017Queen of the SouthQueen of the South191031210
1. Division191031210
2015/2016Raith Rovers FCRaith Rovers FC2620121022
1. Division2620121022
2014/2015Raith Rovers FCRaith Rovers FC313091020
1. Division313091020
2013/2014Raith Rovers FCRaith Rovers FC444041640
1. Division333041210
Scottish Cup4100110
League Cup2000100
Challenge Cup5000220
2012/2013Raith Rovers FCRaith Rovers FC436092370
1. Division334061650
Scottish Cup4102200
League Cup3001210
Challenge Cup3100310
2. Division6300310
2011/2012Hamilton AcademicalHamilton Academical253016420
1. Division203013320
Scottish Cup2001100
League Cup1001000
Challenge Cup2001000
2. Division327021220
Scottish Cup4000210
League Cup1100000
Challenge Cup3100200
Transfers Grant Anderson
2016 Raith Rovers FC Queen of the South Transfer
Raith Rovers FCQueen of the South
2012 Hamilton Academical Raith Rovers FC
Hamilton AcademicalRaith Rovers FC
2012 Stenhousemuir Hamilton Academical
StenhousemuirHamilton Academical
2012 Hamilton Academical Stenhousemuir Leihe
Hamilton AcademicalStenhousemuir
2011 Stenhousemuir Hamilton Academical Transfer
StenhousemuirHamilton Academical